Chris's Bio

Chris's experience has been just that, an experience. From growing up in a small Pennsylvania suburb to some time in jail to health care CEO. Take a minute to learn more about Chris's journey.

Some Personal Stuff about Chris

Christopher “Chris” Dreisbach was born in October 1986 in Emmaus, Pennsylvania – a small, quiet suburb south of Allentown. He grew up in a supportive home where he was taught strong traditional values, the power of compassion and service, and the vitality of an unwavering work ethic. Despite all this, Chris began experimenting with alcohol and drugs in early adolescence and started on a path that would lead him into addiction and desperation, through personal ruin and ultimately into recovery with the clear and uncompromising purpose that drives him today.

After a number of failed rehabilitation attempts and run-ins with the criminal justice system, a compassionate judge ordered Chris to admit to a long-term treatment program in Lititz, PA in 2007. This was a fresh start for Chris, who had finally found – in that program and through the compassion and support of people who knew how to truly help him – a foundation on which to build a new life.

In 2010, Chris realized that individuals in the Lancaster recovery community lacked reliable housing and support and launched A New Life Sober Living, LLC., his first business, to make safe, structured housing available to individuals transitioning from addiction treatment into community recovery. A New Life was the launchpad for several business ventures and partnerships, all community-focused and service driven. A painting and repairs company followed, which provided employment opportunities for residents who were otherwise “unemployable”. Chris then pursued a real estate license to help his friends, clients and employees find affordable long-term housing once they had established a strong foundation and were ready to grow into richer, more satisfying, and self-reliant lives. A New Life eventually grew to over 13 occupied residences, the painting and repairs business gave hundreds of people opportunities to learn skills, earn income, and do meaningful work, and Chris has remained one of the highest performing agents at his brokerage since soon after getting his license.

By 2016, Chris was ready to realize an ambition he had held since first coming to Lancaster County. He organized a team of young, mission-driven professionals to found Blueprints for Addiction Recovery, Inc., a behavioral health treatment facility that would combine the best in evidence-based behavioral medicine with the tested principles of community recovery. It would be open to anyone who needed help. The model – a simple commitment to compassionate care, without compromise – has proven an overwhelming success.

From a team of 5 working out of a 3,000 square foot office in Elizabethtown Borough, Blueprints has grown into a network of 7 licensed treatment and recovery facilities employing over 130 full time-team members, and is well-positioned to expand into new markets and services through 2023 and beyond. Outside of its core service structure, Blueprints is a thought-leader and innovator in specialty community programs. SecondChancePA was founded in late 2018 as a pre-arrest diversionary program designed to keep people out of jail and set them up for success in recovery. Pathways to Recovery was developed in collaboration with the Lancaster County District Attorney to divert individuals arrested for non-violent drug offenses and keep them out of prison. Blueprints provides mental health peer support in partnership with Lancaster County Behavioral Health and Disability Services through a federal grant, and new programs and initiatives are explored, launched, and celebrated all the time.

Chris continues to pursue new opportunities and partnerships throughout the county. He has co-founded a real estate investment and property management company, a local community art gallery and marketplace, a professional wrestling academy, a food service company, and others. People approach Chris with ideas and business proposals because he has a proven track record of qualifying the right people to do good, profitable, and meaningful work. He couldn’t have gotten anywhere if he hadn’t been given real opportunities by people, lenders, agencies, and partners who saw the value in him, and he is committed to making those same opportunities accessible to as many people as he can.


“For me, the meaning of recovery changes and grows all the time, 16 years ago it was an impossible dream; something I’d given up as hopeless. Then I got a real chance. Every day from then on I was given newer and greater opportunities. I met teachers. I did (and continue to do) the work to embrace and give back the gifts that have been given to me. Recovery grew from a dream into a greater reality; from a threshold to a foundation for a life of purpose, service, peace and success. Today, my Recovery doesn’t just belong to me. Iowe it to the people who have helped me, and hope I can share it with the people who still need help. What I do today I do to make recovery possible for others, from making just a little bit of time for a midnight phone call to founding and fighting for innovative programs across the county and the commonwealth.”


"We don’t know where we'll be in a week or in a month. 
We do what we can for as long as we can, always trying out new experiences."